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About the team

We are a team of professional tutors dedicated to success of our students. We guarantee the highest quality of our products and services. Our specialists have training in one or more professional fields, are bilingual or have language teaching certificates in at least one foreign language, and have extensive teaching experience. We provide services in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. 

Terms of service

Tutoring services: Tutoring appointments can be rescheduled or cancelled up to 24 hours before the session, without any penalty. If cancelled afterwards or not attended, a 1-session fee will be applied. Tutoring is to be paid in advance, min. purchase is 1 hour (see our shop for booking and fee information). One can send a request to reschedule a session 24 hours in advance, after which the lesson is to be booked anew.

Translation services: We offer translation services apart from tutoring and assignment help. If we translate your text to another language, our translation rates apply. After purchase, translations cannot be returned or exchanged.

Proofreading, editing and consulting services: Customized services are to be paid in advance, to be delivered within specified time frames, normally up to 10 working days unless agreed otherwise. The fee includes one free revision, to be produced on request. After purchase, digital goods and services cannot be returned or exchanged.

Crash courses and exam prep: Courses and exam prep materials in online format are made available for a fixed period of time (1, 3 or 6 months) after successful payment. After purchase, digital goods and services cannot be returned or exchanged.

Buying digital content: Sample essays and other materials sold in digital form are downloadable immediately after successful payment. After purchase, digital goods and services cannot be returned or exchanged.

Payment methods: You can pay with your credit or debit card via PayPal, or by wire transfer.

Methods of communication: Via instant messaging, video conference or email. 

Legal notice

Image Translation Ltd., 3027 Bern Switzerland


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